Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a simple, tooth-saving procedure that is necessary when decay has reached the pulp (root) of the tooth. While many people may have anxieties about the procedure, they have no need to fear. With many advances in technology, we are able to perform root canal therapy very easily and painlessly.

During the procedure you will be properly anesthetized so you will be completely relaxed and comfortable. We will then create a small opening so we can access the affected area. It will then be thoroughly cleaned out, removing the root of the tooth and all decay present. Once the area is clean, it will be tightly sealed. Most often, root canals are completed with a crown on the affected tooth to protect it from fracturing or further decay. We create our crowns individually so your restoration will blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

After your procedure, you may feel a bit of sensitivity. This is normal, and this will subside as the swelling decreases. You will be given a specific list of care instructions. It is important to follow these carefully to ensure proper healing. If you have any questions or concerns about your procedure, don’t hesitate to call our Des Plaines dental  office for a consultation.