Pull Your Tooth or Save It – Which is Best?

Dealing with tooth pain can seriously disrupt your daily life. If you have difficulty chewing or soreness in a specific area, you may wonder what you should do about it. Should you pull the tooth? Or would it be better to try to save it? While it may seem like an obvious solution to pull an infected tooth out, better alternatives are usually available to protect your smile. Keep reading as First Class Smiles explores how to decide if you should pull a tooth or try to save it!

The benefits of saving your tooth

You only get one smile, so trusting an experienced dentist with your oral care makes sense. At First Class Smiles, Dr. Grandinetti and his Associates will help you make the best decision in your specific situation. There are quite a few reasons why choosing to save your tooth is the best option in our Des Plaines dental office!

Natural teeth are stronger

Your natural teeth are stronger than artificial ones and can be easier to clean. Nothing can compare to the functionality of your natural teeth, although modern dental technology has come a long way. 

Avoid shifting teeth

When you have a tooth pulled, the space it leaves behind allows your other teeth to shift. Shifting can happen in as little as a day, so if you can’t immediately get a replacement tooth, you’re at risk. Movement can also cause issues with your bite alignment, which can be costly and lengthy to correct.

Maintain your appearance

It’s only human to be concerned about your physical appearance, and pulling a tooth does more than leaving a space. Removing a tooth also pulls the roots that support it, leaving an opening in the jaw bone. This space can cause your face to look much older. 

Less pain

Having a tooth pulled can be pretty painful. This pain can last for days and sometimes result in a dry socket. When you choose to save your tooth, a procedure like a root canal can eliminate the source of the problem and prevent any lingering pain.

Fewer dental visits

When you have a tooth pulled, you will need multiple follow-up appointments to create and implement a plan to replace the missing tooth. This means getting a crown, bridge or an implant to fill the gap, taking some time to restore.

Fewer expenses

Pulling your tooth may seem like the quickest and cheapest option for addressing your affected tooth, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Removing a tooth can lead to more expenses down the road, whether you have to replace the tooth or correct misalignment. 

Avoid loss of confidence

The various side effects of pulling a tooth can harm your self-esteem. Saving your natural tooth can help you avoid that altogether!

How to save your tooth

Once you understand all of the benefits of saving your infected tooth, you might wonder what steps to take next. That’s where the experts at First Class Smiles come in! The first step you should take to save your tooth is to call our Des Plaines office and schedule an appointment. From there, Dr. Grandinetti or one of his Associates will examine your teeth to determine the cause of your pain. In many cases, root canal therapy is the best course of action to preserve your natural tooth. 

Your dentist will use a root canal to clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth. They will start by removing the infected pulp of the tooth, a substance in the center of the tooth made up of nerves and blood vessels. After they clean the tooth, your dentist will typically cover it with a crown or fill it with a protective substance before sealing it for protection. The ultimate goal of this procedure is to build your natural tooth back up for strength and functionality.

When you should pull your tooth instead

We’ll always advocate for keeping your tooth when you can, but extraction is the only option in some circumstances. For example, if your tooth is cracked below the gum line, it may be too weak to save and need to be replaced. You can trust the team at First Class Smiles to recommend the best course of action for your unique case. 

Keeping dental care affordable in Des Plaines

At First Class Smiles, we believe that finances should never be a factor that keeps you from getting the care you need. We work with many insurance carriers and are in-network with most Illinois dental providers. Your estimate is subject to final approval by your insurance provider, but our team will go above and beyond to keep your treatment plan affordable. We’ll even file your claims on your behalf to help keep your dental care stress-free.

Keep your smile healthy with the experts at First Class Smiles

If you’ve been dealing with stubborn tooth pain and are ready to explore your options, our Doctors and staff are here to help. At First Class Smiles, we’ll always prioritize saving your natural teeth, and we’ll give you the best options for your smile. To learn more about saving your tooth, contact our Des Plaines office to schedule an appointment today!