While we do our best to always save a tooth, sometimes extractions are necessary. The most common teeth to be extracted are the wisdom teeth because there is not enough space for them to erupt successfully and without disrupting the rest of your teeth. If the teeth become impacted or the wisdom teeth cannot erupt fully, this can lead to painful problems. If we see that these problems are likely to occur, we suggest removing the wisdom teeth. Some people may require only one wisdom tooth to be removed, some may need all four removed, while others may not need to have them removed at all. Each patient’s mouth is unique, and how many teeth you may need removed is determined on an individual basis during your thorough consultation.

The procedure is very common and completely painless. During the procedure you will be properly anesthetized so you will be completely comfortable, you may not even remember the procedure at all! It is very important that you follow ALL instructions given to you by your doctor following the procedure.