General Care


Having regular dental cleanings is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Our gentle hygienists are equipped with special tools that allow us to effectively clean out the plaque and tartar buildup. If left untreated, the harmful bacteria can cause significant damage. Not only are dental cleanings good for your teeth, your mouth will feel smooth and rejuvenated after!

At your cleaning appointments and throughout our office, we offer the highest standard of water by using a dental water purifier in our system that assures that a bacterial layer called BIOFILM will not develop in our internal tubing. This system is provided by Dentapure.


Scaling allows us to clean out any harmful calculus or dental plaque that is minimally present between the gums and the tooth in order to prevent gum disease. By eliminating this bacteria-filled material, we can reduce inflammation and further damage. Because there is no real cure for gum disease, preventative care of the gums is critical.

Composite Fillings

If you are in need of a filling, we offer tooth-colored composite fillings that will allow you to restore your tooth to a healthy state, but no one will know you’ve even had work done! They are not only beautiful, they are also very durable. We do our best to match your composite filling perfectly to the rest of your teeth!


Dental sealants are an excellent preventative treatment to protect your teeth from potential decay. Dental sealants simply fill in some of the deeper grooves and fissures of the tooth surface (typically on the molars) to make cleaning easier and prevent food from hiding in the crevices. The material used for sealants is the same composite resin that we use for our composite fillings, so your sealants will be completely undetectable!